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Aqua-Veritas Containerized Desalination Plants Offer The Perfect Purification Solution For A Variety Of Different Conditions From Sea-, Brackish-, River,- Lake-, Deep Well,- Water To Fresh Water.

Water Puification Container

We are able to customize our plants to suit our client's requirements and can produce from 10 m³ and above of clean water per day.
The Energy consumption varies and depending upon the location and quality or raw water supply.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Reverese Osmosis Monitor

All Equipment and Procedures conform to International Standards (ISO):
ISO 15783, 2858 and 5199 – Pumps
ISO 20670 – Water Re-use
ISO 23446 - Seawater reverse osmosis, desalination for municipal water supply.
ISO 26722 - Water treatment equipment

Purification Processes

The below diagrams show the typical operational flow for different water conditions:

Schematic Technological Process For Sea Water Desalination Plant With Up To 35.000 Tds

Sea water desalination plants have a higher investment and running cost then other raw water desalination plants.

Sea Water Desalination

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Schematic Technological Process For Brackish Or Deep Well With Salt Contaminated Water Desalination Plant With Up To 8.000 Tds

A brackish or deep well water with salt contaminated desalination plant has a lower investment and running cost than a sea water desalination plant

Schematic Reverses Osmosis Technological Process For Lake, River or Contaminated Deep Well Water

Lake, River or contaminated Deep Well water purification plants normally have a lower energy cost than a desalination plant.

Deep Well Desalination

Click image to enlarge

River Desalination

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Production of Drinking Water

Below shows a step by step animation of the typical process of producing drinking water. The number of filters depends on the quality of the Raw Water.



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Desalination Automation

At Aqua-Veritas we pride ourselves in our client's satisfaction and through our design, close attention to detail, adherence to industry standards and protocols we aim to provide to best design option and water quality for our clients.
Aqua-Veritas provides a state of the art fully automated built in control system that allows us to monitor the Desalination and Water Purification from both within the container and remotely via PC or Mobile phone from anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis.

Our system is equipped with notifications alert in any case that working components or readings provide data beyond our pre-defined working parameters and enables our engineers at Aqua-Veritas to remotely modify any settings. This provides both Aqua-Veritas and our clients with the confidence and satisfaction that we can provide a fully operational system and also minimize any maintenance and upgrade downtime as this can be planned in advance with the provided data.

Desalination Container

Elements of the process that are continually monitored and Automated are:


  • Intake Water Pump Actual Working Rpm

  • Intake Water Pump Actual of Use Electrical Power

  • Intake Water Pump Total Working Hours

  • Intake Water Pump Working Pressure

  • Intake Water Pump Flow

  • Intake Water Quality

  • Pre-filter Conditions

  • Raw Water Tank Level

  • High Pressure Pump Actual Working Rpm

  • High Pressure Pump Actual of Use Electrical Power

  • High Pressure Pump Total Working Hours

  • High Pressure Pump Working Pressure

  • Choice For High Pressure Pump Working on Pressure or Flow

  • Pressure Control Before and After RO-Membrane for Exact Controlled Pressure For Any Process Where The RO/Membrane is in Use.

  • Output Water Quality

  • Output Water Flow Liter Per Minute

  • Output Water Flow Production Per Day in Cubic Meters

  • Output Water Flow of Total Production in Cubic Meters

  • Output Water Production Cost Per Cubic Meters

  • Output Brine (Discharge) Water Quality

  • Output Brine (Discharge) Water Flow Liter Per Minute

  • Output Brine (Discharge) Water Total Flow in Cubic Meters

  • Flushing Control

  • Cleaning Process

  • Temperature Control of The Flushing and Cleaning Process

  • Ph Control of The Cleaning Process

Reverse Osmosis Software
Reporting example

Desalination Reports

Daily Production of Fresh Water m³/days


Our system allows monitoring of all gauges in real time and provides instant access to graphs, diagrams and tables for many elements of the process. This provides the data for both adjustments to the setup and records for clients as well as future development of the system. Data logs can be accessed for every gauge every minute of the day 365 days a year.

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